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Products for Cleaning
Inside Fiber Optic Ports

Cleaning down inside alignment sleeves has always been a challenge. With Sticklers® cleaners, the fastest and most reliable port cleaning system in the industry now makes it fast and reliable... More »

Products for Cleaning Jumpers & Before Splicing

Only Sticklers® fiber optic cleaners can deliver perfectly clean fiber on any connector, any size, any configuration, anywhere... More »

Sticklers® Videos

The Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning tools are intuitive and easy-to-use. However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the a video must be worth a million. Now, with the help of MicroCare vice president Jay Tourigny, you can see exactly what each part of the Sticklers® product line is, and how they work together to deliver perfectly clean connectors. Check out... 


The Cleaning Fluid video


The CleanWipes™ video


The CleanStixx™ video


The Sticklers® Cleaning Kit video

News & Events


All News »

The new STICKLERS® catalog has just been released, hot off the press! It features all the classic STICKLERS products plus the new OPTIXX™ Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit. More... 

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